Please allow us to explain the folder structure as used in our studio and the difference between those two commands:

Import command lets you import from the SD card or any other device you have (external hard drive, internal hard drive, etc...) as long as the folder and file structure is as follows:
DCIM > 100HETVR > csv+mp4+jpg
DCIM > MISC > yml
This command is for raw footage that was not imported through the studio before, the process joins several mp4 files together to make it readable and editable by other software.
When copying from one place to another the folder and file structure must be kept.

Preview&Edit command lets you manipulate the already imported raw footage.
Folder and file structure is as follows:
HET_#### (0001, 0002, 0003...) > csv+mp4+jpg+yml

Unless the file structure is kept the studio recognizes some files are missing to complete the requested operation and doesn't show the files at all.

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