Q: Can I record with the camera and save the data to a phone or computer without an SD card limiting the data saved?
A: No, an SD card must be present inside the camera at all times so the footage can be written on it.
Q: What's the latency with the XR in Live mode?
A: Latency with the XR should be 0.5 seconds but this depends on your connection type, speed, and the server you use (YouTube, Facebook, etc.).

Q: Will the Vuze XR have HDR images and videos?
A: The XR will have HDR images and videos in the near future, it was requested from our community and we're working to provide.

Q: Will my hand be in the picture when shooting 360-degree mode?
A: Yes, The Vuze XR captures everything; to avoid seeing your hand, we recommend using a selfie stick during capture or add a Patch Image in the Vuze Studio to hide any unwanted objects.

Q: Will my hand be in the picture when shooting 180-degree mode?
A: Possibly, because the Vuze XR does "see" more than 180 degrees, you will see your fingers if they're wrapped around the frame of the camera. To avoid this, hold the camera on the sides away from the lens or use the Vuze mini-pod at an angle to put your hand behind the frame of the camera.

Q: Can I use a power bank with the camera?
A: Yes, as with all our cameras you can use a power bank to keep recording footage for more than the internal battery allows. The power bank must provide the correct current (5V/2A) to the camera or it won't work.

Q: What's the resolution for both 360 and 180, video and stills, modes?

  • 2D 360 video: 5.7K (5760×2880) @30FPS
  • 3D 180 video: 2880x2880 each eye, L&R.
  • 360\180 photo: 5760x3240px (18MP)

Q: Is the XR has mobile apps for both Android and iOS?
A: Yes, the XR gets almost the same updates and features for both platforms simultaneously.

Q: Do I need the .TH1 and .TH2 files along with the MP4 file from the XR to be able to work on my content?
A: The .TH files contain information that is irrelevant for most users. The MP4 file contains all the necessary information you'd need to work with the file and can be transferred and worked upon without the .TH files present.

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